New Beginnings Fellowship

Message Notes

Walk Through the NEW TESTAMENT 2024

#1 Matthew: Jesus Is King

Overview of Matthew

#2 No Worries (6 Keys to Overcoming Worry)

Matthew 6:25-34

#3 When You Feel Inadequate & Inferior

Matthew 14:13-21

#4 How to Prepare for Hard Times

Matthew 17

#5 What Jesus Taught About The End Timesr

Matthew 24-25

#6 MARK: The Serving Savior

Overview of Mark

#7 Making A Difference for Eternity

Mark 4:1-20

#8 LUKE: The Verified (Fact Checked) Account About Jesus

Overview of Luke

New Beginnings Fellowship - Bible Study

#9 Overcoming Temptation

Lessons from the Temptation of Jesus in the Wilderness - Luke 4:1-13

#13 What Does Mean to Be Born Again - John 3:1-110