Next Steps For Spiritual GROWTH...


4 Growth Steps

New Beginnings Fellowship

1.  Devotions

Reading the Bible & Journaling Meaningful Verses.

Read through the New or Old Testament in a year (1 chapter for 5 days a week). Write down a meaningful verse(s) in a journal. God‘s Word will encourage & change your life. We recommend The New Living Translation (NLT). Reading schedules are on the church website & literature table.

     2.  D-Life Small Groups.

Life-change happens best in a small group. You need a small group. D-Life Small Groups follow the weekly devotional reading where one passage is the basis for the group discussion.

     3.  Sunday Messages

Synchronized to the Devotional Reading Schedule.

Sunday messages are focused on the most relevant scripture & subjects covered in the weekly devotional reading.

     4. Discipleship 101

A small group study on the basics of the Christian life - The Assurance of Salvation, How to Grow, The Christ-Controlled Life, etc.