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Apologetics 101

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Apologetics 101

Apologetics 101

Pre-Apologetics - Personal Evangelism

Before we can be effective at apologetics, we must be able to share a simple, clear, & brief explanation of the Gospel. After all, the aim of apologetics is to remove the barriers to the Gospel so people can experience God's love, forgiveness, and salvation through faith in Christ.

One way to share the Good News is through The Three Circles. It is simple and visual. Please find below some resources to help you learn to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Jumpstart - Traning Overview

Large print presentation of The Three Circles Gospel Presentation.

Tract or pamphlet format of The Three Circles Gospel Presentation. Print front and back as landscape, cut in half, and fold with three-fold. Provides two pamphlets per sheet of paper.

Apologetics 101

1. What Is Apologetics?

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Online Podcasts & Apologetics Resources

Dr. Sean McDowell interviews

Joel Kramer and How Archaeology Supports the Bible - Time: 1:06:55

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Joel Kramer and Archaeology:

A16-episode YouTube series

from the Holy Land. Time: various

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Testimony of Josh and

Sean McDowell

Time: 5.57

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Testimomy of Frank Tuerk

Time: 2.26

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Testimomy of Dr. William Lane Craig - Time: 5.22

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Dr. Sean McDowell - The Earliest Source for the Resurrection of Jesus

Time: 7.09

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Dr. Sean McDowell - Did the Apostles of Jesus Steal His Body?

Time: 7.40

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Dr. Gary Habermas - A Historian Explains the Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus - Time: 36.34

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Testimony of Lee Strobel

Time: 2.24

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2.  Is Apologetics Biblical?

3.  Why Apologetics?

Reasonable Faith (William Lane Craig) - Did Jesus Rise from the Dead? Part 1 - Time: 6.34

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Case Study #1 - Why Do Once Professing Christians Turn to Atheism?

Alisa Childers - From faith to agnosticism back to faith

Time: 4:48

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John Steingart (turned atheist) &

Sean McDowell (Christian apologetics)

Time: 1:27:52

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Featured Podcast:

5 Apologetics Questions Every Christian Should Learn to Answer

Alisa Childers (9:21)

4.  Apologetics Methods

Alisa Childers - 5 Apologetics Questions Every Christian Should Learn to Answer - Time: 9.21

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William Lane Craig on atheist Bart Ehrman. Time: approx. 10 min. each (6 podcasts)

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This Monday

Case Study #2 - From Atheism to Christianity

5.  Worldviews

How the Process of Evangelism Is Changing

Featured Podcast:

8 Tips to Study Apologetics

Alisa Childers (5:47)

In my own words - You need to get trained in apologetics. Why? Because a million people trained on a little league level in apologetics will have more impact on the world than a handful of major league scholars trained in apologetics. People with doubts and questions need you!  See Alisa Childers' podcast "8 Tips to Study Apologetics"  - Pastor Tim Henning (1 Peter 3:15-16)

Alisa Childers - 8 Tips Questions to Study Apologetics - Time: 5.47

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