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New Beginnings Fellowship

Our Mission:

Making Disciples of Jesus Christ

Matthew 28:19-20

New Beginnings Fellowship

Our 4 Part Strategy for Spiritual Growth & Discipleship


D-Life Small Groups

Sunday Messages

Discipleship 101

3019 Whites Chapel Pkwy

Trussville, AL 35173

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Three KEY words for experiencing God's love, forgiveness, and salvation...

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1. Apologize - to God for your sins (repent).

2. Accept - Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord.

3. Trust - in Jesus Christ alone for God's forgiveness & eternal life.


The CLUB House - Sundays @ 10:30am

Reading Schedule for

2023 Challenge - Reading Through the Old Testament Stories


Got Questions about Life, the Bible, Christianity, World Religions, Cults, End Times, Current Issues, etc.?

FREE Video Answers to Life's Hard Questions

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Children and Youth

A WELCOME from Pastor Tim Henning

What Makes New Beginnings Fellowship Unique?




Aroma Cafe'

A coffeehouse ministry of New Beginnings Fellowship - sbc

Suggested Prayer:

“Dear Jesus, I apologize for my sins. Please forgive me and make me clean on the inside. I accept You as my Savior. I place my faith & trust only in You & Your shed blood on Calvary’s cross. Thank You for saving me. Help me to grow closer to You and discover Your design for my life. In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen.”


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Have You Recently Accepted & Trusted in Christ?

"NEXT STEPS for New Believers" is a guide for your spiritual growth. Just click & print.

Shortcut to past Bible study summary notes for the 2023 series...

"Old Testament Stories"

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The Book of Job

Job - Why Does God Allow Good People to Suffer?

(Overview of Job)  


10 a.m. Coffee

10:30 a.m. Worship

Join us for Reading through the OLD TESTAMENT Stories in 2023 - Week 49

COMING This Sunday @ 10:30 a.m.

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This Sunday's Bible study. Just click and print.


Conversations About Following Christ

Anyone can do discipleship!

Join us for coffee, fellowship, worship led by our Praise Band, and a practical message from the Bible.

This WEEK...

Monday -  Isaiah 6

Tuesday - Isaiah 40

Wednesday - Isaiah 53

Thursday - Jeremiah 1

Friday - Jeremiah 7


Apologetics 101

Occassional Meetings Online (Zoom) & Notes on the Apologetics Page

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7 Ways NBF Can Help You

& Your Family

Because We Give...

aNBF is able to be a lighthouse to the surrounding communities - sharing God's answer for broken lives (The Gospel), spiritually strengthening families & marriages, teaching children biblical values, proclaiming the Bible with clarity & relevance, plus more.  

aMissionaries are able to start new churches, spread the gospel, train spiritual leaders around

the world, fulfil the Great Commission.

YOU are making a difference.

1. A Clear & Simple Explanation of the Gospel...

2. NEXT STEPS to Start Growing in Christ...

3. Sunday Morning Worship - Inspiring Worship, Revelant Teaching...

4. A Plan for A Regular God-Time (Bible Reading & Prayer)...

5. Small Groups - Connecting, Conversations, Growing...

Saturday Men's Breakfast & D-Groups @ 8 am

Thursday @ 7 pm - "Conversations" Bible Study -

meeting in Aroma Cafe' in the Church entrance

Small Group Opportunity #1

Small Group Opportunity #2

6. Safe, Clean, Caring Ministry for Children

7. Answers to Life's Tough Questions

Videos with a Message

Answers to Tough Questions


Current Series:

2023 Adventure Through the Old Testament Stories

Do you have questions about why we believe Jesus is the ONLY Savior for sin and salvation?

Watch the message "What Makes Jesus Different?